Over the last year, the number of pay-TV operators, range of offerings and channel availability have all increased in Mexico.

According to the Reporte de Información Comparable de Planes y Tarifas de Servicios de Telecomunicaciones Fijas, issued by Mexico’s telecom authority IFT, pay-TV offerings have increased by 50% since 2016, especially among non-premium packages.

The report found that there are 54 different pay-TV options in Mexico, compared with the 36 plans available in 2016. The number of pay-TV networks has also increased, from 249 to 261.

“Currently, there are more pay-TV operators than ever, namely Airecable Digital, Cablecom, Cablemás, Cablevisión, Dish, Gigacable, Maxcom, Mega Cable, Sky, Star TV and Telecable,” said the IFT.

Over 40% of the pay-TV packages cost between $10-15 per month, while basic plans (cheaper than $10 per month) account for 25.9% of the total offerings. The remaining 16.7% cost from $15 to over $50 per month.

Along with an increase offering, Mexico’s pay-TV market seen a growth in subscribers in recent years. According to the latest figures from the OTI, the country’s pay-TV incomes have also increased.