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Terms and Conditions

 “Organización de Telecomunicaciones de Iberoamérica, A.C.” (hereinafter “OTI”), notifies that its website or subdomains (hereinafter THE WEBSITE) is a website where people who have access to it (hereinafter THE USERS) may find various content and options, which are detailed below.

THE USERS state that they access THE WEBSITE under their own responsibility and accept the terms and conditions established in this section. Merely browsing THE WEBSITE implies that the user accepts the terms and conditions of use; as such, USERS who go on THE WEBSITE automatically accept the terms and conditions found in this section.

THE WEBSITE is not, nor shall be, responsible for the content, privacy policies, or terms of use of any site the users may browse.

The physical and connection means necessary for the user’s access to THE WEBSITE are not included in the services provided by OTI.

THE USERS agree to use the information contained on THE WEBSITE exclusively for their own needs and not for the direct or indirect commercial exploitation of the services to which they have access. THE USERS agree to not use the facilities and content of the service to carry out or suggest activities prohibited by law or to attempt to attract customers of the service to other competing services.

THE USERS are the sole parties responsible for how they will use THE WEBSITE.

THE WEBSITE permits publication of links to external websites. The content of said websites, as well as its business practices, privacy policies, and terms of service are completely out of the domain or control of THE WEBSITE, for which reason THE WEBSITE shall not be liable for the content of any of these sites. The inclusion of any link within THE WEBSITE does not imply endorsement or affiliation with that site.

Through various promotional campaigns, THE WEBSITE may from time to time provide various options for the storage, edition, and publication (including public communication) of images and photographs that USERS upload to such and for which USERS have full control and rights to do so on THE WEBSITE. OTI shall be empowered to delete any information, images, publication, or any other element deemed to affect any third party interest, as well as any material unsuitable for the population.

On its own initiative and without any liability on its part, OTI may cancel full access to the account, as well as delete any information with respect to the account held by OTI on THE WEBSITE. OTI may make changes to the conditions or notices established herein at any time.

OTI shall put forth its best efforts to ensure availability of THE WEBSITE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, availability of THE WEBSITE may be interrupted for maintenance purposes, updates, or emergency repairs, as well as link failures and telecommunications systems out of OTI’s control. Nonetheless, OTI shall carry out all the actions necessary to minimize the impact of these interruptions to the extent possible, for which reason THE USERS accept and recognize that OTI and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or related companies shall not be liable for any modification, suspension, or interruption of THE WEBSITE.

In addition, OTI reserves the right to make, at any moment and without prior notice, modifications to the presentation and configuration of THE WEBSITE as well as the services and content contained therein.

OTI shall not be liable for any image, information, opinions, and concepts displayed on THE WEBSITE because such are directly uploaded by THE USERS.

OTI shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the malfunction of the services hosted on THE WEBSITE based on causes of any nature. OTI informs that, because it is not a holder of nor does it develop all the information, images, and concepts contained on THE WEBSITE, some texts, graphics, links and/or content on the site may not be accurate or updated. For said reason, OTI shall not be liable for errors or omissions relating to the information that may have been entered by USERS on THE WEBSITE. THE USERS agree that both the access to THE WEBSITE as well as the use of the information contained therein are their exclusive responsibility, for which reason OTI shall not be liable for damages arising from the use of said information, images, and/or concepts. The possible references made on THE WEBSITE or subdomains to any product, service, process, link, hypertext, or any other information which uses distinctive signs and/or domains, brand names, manufacturer’s or supplier’s names, etc. that belong to third parties shall not constitute nor imply any endorsement, sponsorship, nor recommendation by OTI and in no case shall OTI be assigned ownership or responsibility of them. Therefore, any act related to the goods and/or services mentioned on THE WEBSITE are the sole responsibility of the goods and/or service providers. Intellectual property rights on THE WEBSITE or subdomains belong to OTI. Use of any content on THE WEBSITE shall in no way constitute a tacit or explicit license or authorization to use the intellectual property rights of OTI or of which it is an authorized user, for which reason its partial or total reproduction is not permitted.

No USER who has uploaded a video may exploit said video or upload it to social networks, pursuant to the fact that it would constitute undue use of the “OTI” brand, therefore OTI reserves the right to exercise action against THE USERS who make use of their brands and any other intellectual property right of OTI.

THE WEBSITE, its logo and designs, as well as any other logos or designs of OTI that may appear on the site, are registered trademarks of OTI and may not be used without written consent of such. The names of the videos uploaded by THE USERS or the “OTI” brand shall not be a registered trademark. No video may be a part or copy of any third party’s, with THE USER being the sole party responsible for Intellectual Property laws.

All other trademarks not owned by OTI, and which appear on THE WEBSITE, shall be the property of its creators, which may or may not be affiliated with OTI.

The “OTI” trademark, as well as the domain are duly registered pursuant to applicable legislation, granting them the exclusive right for its exploitation and use, for which reason the website content shall not be interpreted as a license or right to use said trademarks and domain. The user is thus strictly prohibited from using the above, and is subject to the related applicable legal provisions.

OTI does not grant permission to copy, reproduce, or distribute the material of this WEBSITE.

Any material contained on THE WEBSITE that has been reproduced or printed shall be immediately destroyed. THE USER is not authorized to make copies on another server of any material contained on THE WEBSITE, unless they have express consent from OTI.

The use of any software or program by THE USER to attempt to produce any change or alteration to THE WEBSITE in order to obtain any type of benefit is prohibited, and the unauthorized use of any material contained on THE WEBSITE is also prohibited. The foregoing may constitute a violation of copyright laws, Industrial Property laws, privacy and advertising laws, communications laws and regulations, and any other applicable legislation.

THE USER agrees and accepts that the sole use, and if applicable, use of the information and other content of THE WEBSITE creates an obligation for them to accept and respect all the conditions established in these terms and conditions.

OTI notifies that to allow THE USER to access THE WEBSITE, it shall be necessary to obtain personal information, which must be accurate and verifiable and which shall be voluntarily provided by THE USERS. With regard to such, OTI shall take the appropriate measures to confidentially process them according to the liability rules and regulations established in the Privacy Notice. The user shall be responsible, in any case, for the accuracy of the information provided. OTI reserves the right to remove access to THE WEBSITE to any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to the other actions stipulated by law, thus completely canceling THE USER’S participation.

It is OTI’s policy to consider personal information, such as name, email, or telephone number, as private and confidential; consequently, the personal information entered by THE USER to THE WEBSITE is stored in a secure area, is accessible only to personnel specifically designated by the OTI, and is solely and exclusively used for the purposes for which they were provided; as such, OTI is empowered to provide information and send various communications to THE USER.

OTI does not collect personal information, such as name, email, or telephone number, nor does it have a mechanism implemented to collect such if it is not explicitly provided by THE USER of THE WEBSITE in the registration form for members and subscribers.

Notwithstanding the above, OTI reserves the right to reveal personal information without the express authorization of its holder, if such is necessary in order to identify, contact said holder, or to exercise any legal action against them for violation of the terms and conditions regulating access to the services or functionalities provided by THE WEBSITE. Similarly, OTI may reveal personal information without express authorization from the holder when such is requested in writing by an Authority.

OTI takes reasonable measures, in good faith, aimed at maintaining users’ personal information safe with respect to unauthorized access, misuse, loss or alterations, as well as to ensure its network safety. In any case, due to the nature of the Internet, the security of any information transmission cannot be 100% ensured; however, OTI shall put forth its best efforts to maintaining said information secure at all times, and THE USER agrees to provide such on their own accord and at their own risk.

THE WEBSITE may have the possibility of linking THE USER to other sites. While OTI puts forth its best efforts to ensure that the content of said websites comply with the content standards established for this WEBSITE, OTI shall not be responsible for the availability, functioning, or content of any linked website, which shall be provided for the convenience of THE USERS, who access these sites at their own risk and responsibility, thus freeing OTI from any liability.

Said websites might not be protected by these privacy policies, therefore, OTI shall not be liable for the confidentiality of the personal information provided by THE USER to said websites.

The user is the sole and final party responsible for maintaining secret, at all times, their personal accounts and passwords which they use to access the products and services available on THE WEBSITE.