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Who We Are

OTI (Organización de Telecomunicaciones de Iberoamérica) offers a space in which the leading content production and telecommunications corporations can collaborate, engage in dialog, review trends and work together to take action. We encourage our Members to promote the development of audiovisual content as well as the level of connectivity in each of the countries where these companies operate throughout the Ibero-American region and the U.S.

Working with the understanding that the convergence of content, networks and platforms is vital to more people being connected and to have access to better content in the region, OTI is among the few organizations anywhere in the world that unites content and telecommunications companies for a common cause.

In a world that is constantly changing due to technological convergence, OTI serves as a medium for businesses from both sectors to interact and align efforts when it comes to issues ranging from industry regulations to public policy and basic access to services.

OTI serves as a powerful representative voice for its Members among various international, multilateral and regional associations and organizations in both, public and private sector. The organization also frequently advocates before regulatory bodies governing the telecommunications and content production industries in the various countries.

Thanks to the experience and efforts of OTI’s Members, millions of people today enjoy more and better access to audiovisual content and connectivity services in their respective countries.

Becoming an OTI member means:

  • Strengthening the region economically and culturally
  • Being committed to the Ibero-American and Hispanic population
  • Enriching the lives of millions through higher and better connectivity levels, thereby allowing them to have more access to content, cultures, and experiences

OTI: More content, better connectivity