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What We Do

As an instrument with which the region’s content and telecommunications providers coordinate efforts towards shared interests, OTI (Organización de Telecomunicaciones de Iberoamericana) participates in governmental, economic and cultural initiatives in order to promoting the discussion and analysis of a healthy arena for competition throughout the region.

In pursuit of this goal, OTI undertakes the following actions:

  • Encourages regulatory authorities in the region to adopt best practices regarding content production and telecommunications services
  • Generates meaningful market analysis of both sectors to improve the decision-making process for its Members
  • Promotes policies and actions towards a better connectivity levels in various platforms
  • Promotes the development of compelling new audiovisual content for various platforms
  • Encourages the advancement of technological convergence and its benefits

OTI, along with other entities, is dedicated to constantly work to create opportunities for the collaboration and promotion of competitive markets and the engagement in initiatives that seek to reduce the region’s digital gap. Through the advancement and encouragement of audiovisual content throughout the Ibero-American region and the U.S., OTI promotes a multicultural interaction that is imperative to strengthening global understanding and appreciation of Latino and Hispanic cultures.

Additionally, OTI frequently conducts surveys and research on issues essential to the successful analysis of trends in the content production telecommunications industries. The organization also regularly creates or participates in industry events and forums to foster discussion and action.

Further, OTI also has a wealth of international, multilateral and regional data, integrated by regulatory information, best practices, economic competition, recommendations, technical standards, and other elements that are key to successful decision making.

OTI actively promotes the defense of its Members rights in the industries in which they participate.