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OTI is one of the few organizations around the world that brings together companies from the telecommunications and content industries under the same umbrella.

OTI’s objective is to represent and promote the efforts of our Members in the Ibero-American region and the United States regarding regulations, public policy and social issues.

We achieve our objective through the following actions:

  1. Promote and encourage the development of audiovisual content across various technologies
  2. Support public initiatives and actions focused on increasing the level of digital connectivity throughout the region
  3. Encourage regulatory bodies in the region to adopt and implement best practices regarding audiovisual content and telecommunications
  4. Conduct market analysis on the telecommunications and content sectors
  5. Promote technological convergence by highlighting its benefits and reach

OTI offers a series of tools to support and encourage the sharing of resources, ideas and information among its Members. These tools include:

  • Analysis and Market Intelligence

Diverse documents on both industries offer actionable data for decision making and support the needs of our Member companies:

  • Statistics
  • Studies and market projections
  • Archive of relevant regulations throughout the region
  • Relevant information regarding public policies


  • Forums, Conferences and Meetings

Our members have full access to participate in different high profile events, in which we promote collaboration, analysis and exchange of ideas and initiatives at a regional level.

Through these events OTI encourages networking and offers opportunities for growth in both, the telecommunications and content industries.

  • Regional Integration
    • In support of our Members, OTI maintains ongoing communication with regulatory bodies throughout the region to encourage the implementation of best practices regarding content and telecommunications.
    • OTI promotes political initiatives and actions to increase digital and multiplatform connectivity, strengthening the region’s economic and cultural growth.
    • Via connections maintained with diverse organizations throughout the region, OTI supports activities and campaigns to promote people’s access to content and connectivity
  • Digital Platform

The OTI website has an exclusive section for its Members, in which they will have full access to additional information, trends, and market analysis as well as a dedicated space for collaboration with other Members. This special section offers actionable information helpful in decision making and defining their individual strategies.

  • OTI Badge

OTI gives all its Members the OTI badge, which certifies them as companies committed with the development of content and access to connectivity in the region.